Davide Cenci F/W 11 - Germany

Davide Cenci 2011 Fall/Winter Communication materials.

Davide Cenci has stood for the best of fashion since 1926. Our catalogue/magazine/travel diary is about a journey through the culture and style of some of the most fascinating regions of the world — told through photographs and copy. All designed to be the framework in introducing each new Davide Cenci’s Men’s and Women’s Collections. While maintaining the “Corporate Signature” Sixty-Fifty of the logo in the line of the horizon of every picture. For those hungry for more, we always include a delicious recipe in every new edition.
Outdoor - Linate Airport.
Location: Germany
Agency: TW2
Client: Davide Cenci
Creative Director: Alberto Baccari
Art Director: Alberto Baccari, Andrea Castelletti
Copywriter: Robert Schulman
Graphic Designer: Andrea Castelletti
Photographer: Arcengelo Argento
Paintings: Alberto Baccari

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