Corporate identity restyle

The Consortium for the protection of Franciacorta aims to enhance and protect the territory of Franciacorta wine growing production.

Old logo:
New proposal:

#1 - Logo for the Institutional Department

#2 - Logo for the Artistic Department:
#3 - Logo for the Events Department
Business Card:
Letterhead (front):
Letterhead (back):

Envelope (front):

Envelope (back):
Press Kit # 1 (Institutional Department):
Pressi Kit #2 (Artistic Department):

Press Kit #3 (Events Department):
Shopping bag # 1 Front (Institutional Department):
Shopping bag # 1 Back (Institutional Department):

Shopping bag # 2 Back (Artistic Department):

Shopping bag # 3 Back (Events Department):
Wine Packaging:
Agency: TW2/ Tribal DDB Milan 
Client: Consorzio per la tutela del Franciacorta
Creative Director: Alberto Baccari
Art Director: Andrea Castelletti
Graphic Designer: Andrea Castelletti

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