Joie de vivre

A project for IED Research Center and Simmenthal developed during May 2011. The work is a proposed design for increase the iconic value of the historical can of meat. The artwork is titled "Joie de Vivre" and has been exhibited at the Triennale Design Museum, inside the Material Connexion space.

Joie de Vivre fabric #1
Simmenthal Art Project.

"Joie de Vivre" is a graphic design project that has his natural application in product design and branding. It is the outfit that wants to collect all the values inherent to the DNA of the brand, such as harmony, serenity, radiance, familiarity, simplicity, love for life and joy of living and express them in an explosion of colors and shapes easily adaptable to different media and materials: from packaging, to ceramics, to fabrics and to the brand image itself.

Joie de Vivre #1 (red)
Joie de Vivre #2 (yellow)
Joie de Vivre #3 (blue)
Joie de Vivre wallpaper #1
Joie de Vivre wallpaper #2
Joie de Vivre wallpaper #3
Joie de Vivre fabric #2
Joie de Vivre, The Pouf.

- Exhibited at La Triennale di Milano Design Museum -
Sperimenthal Design Exhibition (June 2011)

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