Gold, Graphis Poster Annual 2020 (NYC)

Fonti di Palme  |  Print AD
In the center of the Adriatic coastline of the Marche Region, lies Torre di Palme, an enchanting medieval hamlet recognized as one of Italy's most beautiful. Here, you will discover the ancient Piceno springs known as "Fonti di Palme" (Palm Springs), nestled within a captivating oasis of pine trees and ancient vegetation.

These springs, renowned for their therapeutic properties since Roman times, were rediscovered in 1930. During the restoration of the old spa station, remnants of an ancient fountain wall and two underground passages used for water transportation were uncovered. This provided evidence of the existence of the spa in the ancient city of Palma, the regional capital of Ager Palmensis.

This print advertisement aims to evoke the rich history of Palma, the ancient regional capital of Ager Palmensis, a territory identified by Pliny the Elder in the southern part of the Roman region of Piceno. The copy was inspired by a poem written by the company's founder in 1950.

The copy for this ad was inspired by a poem written by the company's founder in 1950.

The copy can be translated like this:

"At the foot of the hill
from whose summit the ancient and grand city of the Picenes once reigned
today stands Torre di Palme,
mineral water springs forth
where the healthy breeze alternates from Sibyl to sea,
caressing the blossoming tresses of the ruby-red bushes reaching for the sky,
while sun rays compete with sparkling fountains in triple harmony.
Youth, grace, beauty.
Restoring health anew."​​​​​​​

Client: Fonti di Palme S.A.S
Agency: Andrea Castelletti Studio
Art Director & Copywriter: Andrea Castelletti
Photographer: Studio Cirasa
Packaging design agency: Andrea Castelletti Studio

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