Ama Festival 2023  |  I care

Ama Festival is a cultural event organized by the therapeutic community of Ama Aquilone, which welcomes vulnerable people or those who have pathological addictions. The festival represents an encounter between two ordinarily separate realities: the therapeutic community and the "outside world". The goal is to promote an open and authentic dialogue, overcoming prejudices and predefined roles with a direct approach and listening to others. The language of the Ama Festival is free of rhetoric and focused on wonder and irony to stimulate reflection and discussion.

Ama Festival celebrates the authenticity of the human being, embracing its "beauties" such as fragility, diversity, fear and "healthy" madness, communicated through art.

The theme of Ama Festival 2023 is "I Care", which explores the meaning of care for both others and oneself. "To take care of the other is to take care of oneself; to take care of oneself is to take care of the other." This untranslatable phrase has been rendered through evocative and dreamlike images, in which art and emotions speak.

Client: Ama Aquilone Cooperativa Sociale Onlus
Agency: Andrea Castelletti Studio
Creative Direction: Andrea Castelletti
Art Direction: Andrea Castelletti, Andrea Flemma
Graphic Design: Andrea Flemma
Lettering: Valentina Casali
Photo: Marco Biancucci
Post production: Demetrio Mancini

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