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One of the great challenges facing Ama Terra, which was founded in 1983 as a community to support vulnerable people by Cooperativa Sociale Onlus Ama Aquilone, is the cultivation of fine vineyards for producing wines.

Ama Terra draws on the experience of an ethical and lifelong project established to give hospitality to people in need. It is committed to their recovery and social and professional reintegration through professional practice, specifically the cultivation and production of raw ingredients that are transformed into organic products of the highest quality, in keeping with local traditions.

The concept for the Ama Terra line of wines comes from the book "Pietra, l'anima e l'infinito da abitare" (Pietra, the Soul and Infinity of Living) by Francesco Cicchi, founder and president of Cooperativa Sociale Onlus Ama Aquilone. Cicchi's book brings together a selection of stories, portraits and reflections that are the result of encounters from his years of social work.

Like Cicchi's book, the labels we have designed follow a pathway. In fact, the labels feature overlaid pieces of paper with quotes from individual stories presented in the book that, when connected, tell a single story. Elegant, strong and essential, these labels are intended to convey this special human capacity to bring light to shadow.

The labels are printed in two colors on Tintoretto Gesso paper with overlayed paper scraps made with Picasso X-dry paper printed in one color, plus Kurz silver foil used to recreate the underlining of the book.

Client: Ama Aquilone Cooperativa Sociale Onlus
Agency: Andrea Castelletti Studio
Concept & Design: Andrea Castelletti
Photo: Marco Biancucci

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