The poster has been exhibited at: Paris, France, Les Arts Décoratifs , Palais du Louvre - Milan, Italy, Triennale Design Museum - Ankara, Turkey, Bilkent University - Beirut,Lebanon, Lebanese American University - Belgrade, Serbia, The REX, Cultural Lab - Brussels, Belgium - Buenos Aires, Argentina, The University of Buenos Aires - Chungnam, South Korea, SangMyung University - Derry, Northern Ireland, UK, University of Ulster - Gdansk, Poland, The Academy of Fine Arts - Heidelberg, Germany, AM Theaterplaz - La Paz, Bolivia, Museo Nacìonal de Arte - Lima, Perù, Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola - Lisbon, Portugal, LX FACTORY - Los Angeles, California, USA, Seyhoon Gallery - Marrakesh, Marocco, ESAV, Ecole Supérieure des Arts Visuels - Montreal, Canada, Université du Québec - Quito, Ecuador, Universidad San Francisco - Seville, Spain, Facultad de Bellas Artes de Sevilla - Strasburg, France, Agora Building, Council of Europe - Stockholm, Sweden, The Design House - Tbilisi, Georgia, Cultural Center of French Embassy - Vienna, Austria, MuseumsQuartier.

Moreover it has been published in magazines in Iran, Ecuador and in more than 50 blogs and websites most of which based in Middle East.

Exhibition at Les Arts décoratifs - Palais du Louvre (Paris, France):

Featured on Graphis Poster Annual 2012 and Social&Political Protest Posters Annual:
Art Director / Illustrator: Andrea Castelletti
Concept Designer: Andrea Castelletti

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