"Coordinated Image 2023" Special Award, 27th Int.l Packaging Competition, Vinitaly

Ama Terra  |  Il topo

Ama Terra is a farm that originated from the non-profit social cooperative, Ama Aquilone, established in 1983 as a community for vulnerable individuals. The cooperative's wealth of experience in creating a welcoming and ethical environment for people in need is now channeled into Ama Terra's mission to facilitate their social and professional reintegration by producing high-quality organic products that honor local traditions.

Ama Terra approached us to design a label for their limited edition Marche IGT Syrah wine, with the intention of paying tribute to Gabriele Novi, a person who has been and still is an integral part of Cooperativa Ama Aquilone's history.

During our initial conversation with Ama Terra, we learned about Gabriele, also known as "il topo" (the mouse). Described as intelligent, self-serving, generous, compassionate, and ruthless, Gabriele's favorite character was himself.
Inspired by our conversation, we decided to name the wine "IL TOPO" (The Mouse) and wanted to emphasize both the wine and Gabriele's personality by highlighting certain characteristics. To do so, we came up with the idea of hiding the last letter of the word "TOPO" to reveal the first part of the word "TOP," which signifies excellence or top quality. This idea perfectly captures the essence of both the wine and Gabriele's personality.

The label design is highlighted by a unique feature: the last "O" in the word "TOPO" is printed with a blind embossing technique. Inside the "O," a Kurz Light Line Space Select foil creates an iridescent effect, symbolizing a hyper-dimensional portal that connects us to the place where Gabriele is now, and from where he visits us through this wine. The fluorescent green used for the sealing wax closure and the label details, printed with Kurz Brisk Green foil, represents Gabriele's flashy personality while embodying concepts of hope and positivity.

Even the choice of the bottle is not left to chance. Its small size and enlarged shape make it distinctive and impossible to overlook. It is short, just like Gabriele, and tiny, similar to a mouse.

Client: Ama Aquilone Cooperativa Sociale Onlus
Agency: Andrea Castelletti Studio
Naming, Concept & Design: Andrea Castelletti​​​​​​​
Still-life photo: Marco Biancucci

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