I'm part of the solution

imNativ is a sustainable fabric brand with an eco-friendly production process even though it utilizes synthetic fibers.

The imNativ project was born out of the need to make extremely versatile, inherently innovative fabrics available to everyone. These fabrics do not require any harmful chemical additives for the skin or the environment. They are sustainable, incredibly practical in use, and maintain their performance over time. Everything is rigorously made in Italy, starting from the creation of the yarn, and is locally sourced (km0).

Over the past few years, imNativ has developed a revolutionary product: a synthetic and biodegradable fabric. The recycled-bio fabric by imNativ has the typical appearance of a synthetic product but with the advantage of being able to decompose in certain environments, just like natural fibers, once their life cycle ends. The biotechnology activates only in conditions where natural biodegradation can occur.

For the launch of this revolutionary product, we have developed a communication project where, once again, the brand speaks of itself in the first person. Indeed, a crucial element in the communication strategy developed for imNativ is the prefix "I'm". ImNativ is a revolutionary and innovative brand that speaks in the first person, directly and without unnecessary embellishments. Short, precise, and concrete messages.

imNativ aims to build a relationship of authenticity and transparency with the user. Without resorting to empty or overused messages about sustainability, but by being clear and sincere from the beginning: I'm part of the problem, I'm part of the solution.​​​​​​​

imNativ stand at Salone del Mobile Milano
Client: Aurim S.p.A.
Marketing Manager: Ersilia Auriemma
Exhibition design: Andrea Forapani (Lombrello)
Art Direction: Andrea Castelletti Studio
Copywriting: David Plaisant
Production Company: Ippocampostudio
Photographer & Director: Andrea Pugiotto

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