Silver, Graphis Design Annual 2023 (NYC)


imNativ is a 100% Made in Italy sustainable fabrics brand with an ecological production process that does not produce waste or pollutants. Belonging to the Aurim family, it inherits the ending of the name, a key element in the communication of the entire project. "IM" thus becomes "I'm": a revolutionary and innovative brand that always speaks of itself in the first person.

The lines of the logo pay tribute to the esthetics of the 70s: the result is a retro and avant-garde image which, thanks to the outstanding technology behind the project, gives the imNativ brand a timeless identity – a testimony of how, to really look forward, you must first look back.
"From nature, for nature": this is the concept behind the brand's communication – a phrase that best describes a product that comes into being in a completely sustainable way and that continues to be green for the duration of its life and even afterwards, because it is fully recyclable. The very close link of imNativ with the natural world therefore also emerges in its communication campaign (offline and online) where fabric and environment merge into spectacular images that are a window to the future.

Together with Parco Studio, we have created a highly technological platform optimized for all devices in which the use of fabrics is immediate and detailed. A place where interior designers, retailers, architects and end-users can easily discover all the characteristics of the imNativ collections. The minimalist contemporary lines emphasize both the distinctive typography and the gradients that form the background in an organic and sinuous way. The project received an Awwwards® Honorable Mention.

A spool in which the thread winds – a bobbin in which the fabric tells its own story. The concept behind the creation of this communication support for agents and sellers is as simple as it is complex in its realization: ten patches of imNativ fabric silk-screen printed and sewn together to illustrate the properties of the fabric, showing off its unique versatility. From the core of the reel, via the finishes, all the way to the pack, everything has been designed from scratch and with a very limited edition.

The brand values in terms of eco-sustainability are also reflected in our selection of physical media. All the stationery material is printed on FSC® certified paper, in Fedrigoni® Sirio Color, while the promotional material uses recyclable cardboard, wooden supports and recycled leather finishes.​​​​​​​

Client: Aurim S.p.A.
Marketing Manager: Ersilia Auriemma
Agencies: Andrea Castelletti Studio + HOBO
Executive Creative Director: Andrea Castelletti
Art Direction: Andrea Castelletti, Andrea Flemma
Graphic Designer: Andrea Flemma
Strategy Director: Mila Ligugnana
Web Design & Development: Parco Studio
Production Company: Ippocampostudio
Photographer & Director: Andrea Pugiotto
Project Still-life: Marco Biancucci

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