Shortlist, 65° Design Annual, Communication Arts​​​​​​​

Luvia  |  il vino moderno

For the image of this small family-run winery in the Marche region, we drew inspiration from the name of their Sangiovese wine: Rosso Togo, which literally means "Excellent Red". The word "togo," no longer used in contemporary Italian, evoked imagery akin to the futurism of Fortunato Depero.

The art of the 20th century, particularly the art of advertising posters, has built a rich iconography around the theme of wine, all to represent a lifestyle characterized by a cheerful, simple, and genuine worldview. Depero's work is situated in a historical period where wine is emphasized as a symbol of warmth, passion, pleasure, and sensuality, serving as a mediator towards every form of expressive freedom.

Rosso Togo and Olimpia are the archetypes of this narrative. They are the vehicles through which Luvia and its wines come to life to build a unique story destined to evolve over time to remain always fresh and memorable.

Client: Società Agricola Luvia
Agency: Andrea Castelletti Studio
Creative Direction: Andrea Castelletti
Illustration and Lettering: Pietro Piscitelli

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