Merit, Graphis Design Annual 2015 (NYC)
Gold Label Special Prize, Vinimmagine 2015, Premio Nazionale Etichetta d'Oro (Italy)​​​​​​​

Cantina dei Colli Ripani  |  'settantase77e Wine Collection

Cantina dei Colli Ripani was founded in 1969. They bottled their first wine in the year 1977 in the region of Le Marche (Italy), in the territory of Ripatransone. To celebrate that moment they decided to create a new line of wine for the hospitality and catering market which they called 'settantasette (italian for seventy-seven) to commemorate history and territory.

To design the identity and the labels of these wines we took a look at Ripatransone form different perspectives in which we wanted these wines to be identified.

We called seven copywriters and gave them the same brief: to give a personality to the wine by writing a brief description of one of the aspects that characterize Ripatransone. The writing
style we asked from them was to talk as if the wine was a person introducing itself. Each one of the Copywriters had a different wine from the new line assigned and none of them had any idea what the other one was writing about.

When we had the 7 texts from the copywriters we called 7 designers to write each one a different story with their own calligraphy on a label that has the shape of the territory of Ripatransone. 
This way we expressed throughout the label the uniqueness and the character of each type of wine.

Client: Cantina Colli Ripani Soc. Coop.
Agency: Andrea Castelletti Studio
Concept and Design: Andrea Castelletti
Creative Director: Andrea Castelletti
Art Directors & Graphic Designers: Andrea Castelletti, Camilla Gatti
- Copywriting -
Camilla Boselli, Mila Ligugnana, Tania Loschi, Alessandro Monestiroli, Gabriele Moschin, Chiara Galeazzi, Caterina Tritto
- Calligraphy -
Andrea Castelletti, Alberto Baccari, Camilla Gatti, Daniel Annbjer, Martino Spreafico, maicol&mirco, Lorenzo Lollini

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