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The new Mobiltesino collection is bold, stunning, and avant-garde. This top-quality furnishing system brings unprecedented expressiveness to life and creates highly elegant, tailor-made settings that stimulate the senses. Crafted with exquisite materials, this collection has an iconic look where every detail is expertly crafted. The shapes and finishes of the bathroom décor are enhanced by the addition of top-quality materials, resulting in an exceptional sensory experience.

Naming was a crucial tool for immediately communicating the exceptional nature of the new Mobiltesino collection. By choosing the name superluce, we aimed to convey the furniture's unique and refined qualities, which represent the company's state-of-the-art offerings.
Light has always had a symbolic and philosophical meaning, representing the source of physical and metaphysical illumination and symbolizing ether, the fifth element that surrounds all bodies. Mobiltesino's new collection goes beyond light as knowledge and offers something superior and transcendent.

The cover of Mobiltesino's superluce catalog features a reflective circular surface emerging from a black expanse, emphasizing the contrast between the absence of color and the reflected light that changes depending on the user and environment. The artwork is inspired by James Turrell's installations and reflects the concepts of light and space, central to the collection. The cover is printed with silver hot foil on Fedrigoni Sirio Black paper, while the internal pages feature titles printed with a silver metallic Pantone.

Client: Mobiltesino
Creative Direction: Andrea Castelletti Studio
Art Direction: Andrea Castelletti, Andrea Flemma
Architecture: Francesca Girolami
Styling: Francesca Girolami
Rendering: Damco Creativi Digitali
Graphic Design: Damco Creativi Digitali
Printing: Martintype

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