Tenuta Cucco

Inspired by the frescos of the old church of San Sebastiano nel Borgo in Serralunga d'Alba, part of Tenuta Cucco's estate, this project has been developed in partnership with O,nice! Design Studio.
Musical cherubs, along with saints and elegant Savoy nobles, are some of the depictions still recognizable on the church's sidewalls. 

These Barolo's labels tells the story of Tenuta Cucco through the frescoes of the ancient church of San Sebastiano nel Borgo. The art depicted is printed tone-on-tone with a debossing effect on natural material paper: a three-dimensional rendering, similar to a bas-relief.

Client: Tenuta Cucco - Tenimenti Rossi Cairo
Agency: Andrea Castelletti Studio
Art Direction: Andrea Castelletti, Stefano Torregrossa (O,nice! Design Studio)
Still-life photo: Studio Tettamanzi

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