Villa Barcaroli  |  Ciù Ciù Tenimenti Bartolomei

From the same land that gives birth to Pietramore's biodynamic wines, a new special collection specific for Horeca is born. ​​​​​​​
Inside the 1907 villa that will become the winery's headquarter, we found some old abandoned wines bottles that gave us the inspiration to build the identity for this brand, merging the ancient history of this place and the holistic approach of biodynamic agriculture in which a farm is seen as a sort of organism immersed in cosmic forces. 
A concept that we previously developed for Pietramore (a collection of wines from the same estates) and that we now see in a completely new shape, allowing the company to reinforce its storytelling.

The wines

Client: Ciù Ciù Tenimenti Bartolomei
Agency: Andrea Castelletti Studio
Art Director & Designer: Andrea Castelletti
Calligrapher: Francesco Guerrera
Still-life photo: Marco Biancucci

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