Welcome to the Golden Age of Whiskey

The pig is one of nature’s noble animals and has always gotten a bad rep, we wanted to make sure Mortimer Jr., our spokespig, was front and center in the advertising campaign for WhistlePig Rye Whiskey. Rye was a bit of an underdog too, and even though it was American’s original spirit we wanted to convey that, in WhistlePig, we started a revolution in itself for an aged pure rye that can hold its own with any premium whiskey in the world. That’s why the advertising has the look and typeface has a modernized feel of Colonial times.

Client: WhistlePig Straight Rye Whiskey
Client Marketing Manager: Krystal Titania Chong
Agency: Alberto Baccari (Milan, New York)
Creative Director: Alberto Baccari
Deputy Creative Director: Andrea Castelletti
Copywriter: Robert Schulman
Strategist: Jenny Evangelisti
Project Leader: Giuseppe Laneve
Art Directors: Alberto Baccari, Andrea Castelletti, Juan R. Hernández
Digital Artist: Leonardo Dentico
3D: Alessandro Clener

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