"When a glass of wine is shared together may love and song live on forever."
L.E. Tempo Advertising Campaign |  Agathodemons

"Classic Method, New Stories." Cossignani L.E. Tempo brand positioning stems from the uniqueness of the product: sparkling wines made using the Classic Method, but with indigenous Marche Region grapes, different from those originally envisioned by the method. This is a substantial innovation in terms of the ingredients, reinventing a product while maintaining complete respect for an age-old production process. The sparkling wines from the Cossignani estate are the physical representation of something new and original that can be created without changing a centenary-old method. It is in the intersection between the new and the classic that these sparkling wines carve out the space to build their identity and present themselves to the world. Using a Classic Method to tell and create New Stories is the driving force behind the brand's every step.
The identity and labels we designed for Cossignani L.E. Tempo have classical references and are inspired by ancient mythology reinterpreted in a contemporary style. This same approach also guided us in the design of the brand's first advertising campaign, drawing inspiration from the style of modern Italian poster art of the early 20th century.

The result is two posters that evoke the cult of Agathodemons, "good spirits" depicted as snakes because of their bond with Mother Earth and venerated in ancient times as bearers of good luck, well-being and wisdom. Among the population, it was customary to consecrate every symposium and every official banquet with libations of pure wine in honor of Agathos Daimon, as a proponent of a perpetual abundance of good food and good wine, and also of commercial success in shops, where he was very often represented.

We involved two artists both interested in their field in the artisanal aspect of their work to create the campaign. Luca Zamoc is an artist and illustrator whose works recall old engravings and are steeped in a passion for symbols, medieval beasts, sacred iconography and mythological creatures. Valentina Casali is a letterer and type designer who practices sign painting, engraving of letters on stone and other activities related to craftsmanship.
The two posters were printed in a signed limited edition of 50 copies each on Fedrigoni Freelife Vellum White 320g paper. Part of the proceeds from the sale support the Buzzi Foundation's "A Hospital Without X-Rays" project. To get your signed copy write to info@letempo.it

Client: Tenute Cossignani
Agency: Andrea Castelletti Studio
Executive Creative Director & Strategist: Andrea Castelletti
Illustrator: Luca Zamoc
Lettering: Valentina Casali
Photo: Marco Biancucci

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