Gold, Graphis 100 Best In Design Annual 2014 (NYC)

Koiré  |  Naming & Brand Identity

This project arises from the need to create a face for a new, all Italian, brand from the world of beauty treatments and make-up. Based on an entrepreneurial business of over 100 cosmetic formulas and over 60 different products, dedicated to treating and beautifying the body.

To bring quality awareness to a new captivating image. To correctly place in the market, giving both name and form, an excellent product suitable for all skin types.

Succinct, innovative, fresh, memorable and at the same time symbol of certified quality and effectiveness. A study that brings to the fore the principal characteristics of the brand: Knowledge, Originality, Innovation, Regeneration and Empathy.

A new name, but one with a feel of ancient wisdom that gives it authority. An acronym of the five keywords, five characteristics, five ingredients in one formula.

A new beauty, created through technology, research, experimentation and certified quality. A beauty that reaches the client's home after careful analysis bringing safe, reliable and real results.
The logo is composed of a square divided into four units. Each unit contains a letter of the name Koiré.

One unit in particular (upper right-hand side) contains two, plus an orthographic element: the letter "i", the letter "o" and the accent of the name. Together these form a distinctive symbol of the brand itself and enclose the Italian word "io", that is to say, the subject for which the various products have been created: the "I", the person, the body.

Colour is of fundamental importance as it places Koiré in a class of its own, easily
recognizable and exclusive. The unit "IO", for example, proposes an infinite combination of colors, each one dedicated to a specific line of the product.

Client: dcom srl
Agency: Andrea Castelletti Studio
Creative Director: Andrea Castelletti
Art Director: Andrea Castelletti
Assistant Art Director: Camilla Gatti
Copywriter: Camilla Boselli
Graphic Designer: Andrea Castelletti, Camilla Gatti
3D Video Artist: Ferruccio Forcella
Interior Designer: Marco Scuderi, Francesco Cassetta

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