1926  /  2016

It's Davide Cenci's birthday! The fashion brand is in its 90th birthday and we decided to celebrate with a cake in the cover. We present to you the new Davide Cenci Magazine.

The 2016 spring/summer and fall/winter edition covers have been designed to be two different chapters of the same story.
Client: Davide Cenci e Figli S.r.l.
Creative Director: Alberto Baccari
Deputy Creative Director: Andrea Castelletti
Art Directors: Alberto Baccari, Andrea Castelletti, Juan R. Hernàndez
Graphic Designers: Andrea Castelletti, Elisa Stangoli
Copywriter: Tommaso Basilio
Featured Writer: Philippe Daverio
Photographer: Lucio Gelsi
Stylist: Tommaso Basilio
Cake: Ernst Knam

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