I'm born for nature

imNativ is a 100% Made in Italy sustainable fabric brand with an eco-friendly production process that generates zero waste or pollution, even though it utilizes synthetic fibers.

To showcase the outstanding features of imNativ fabrics, we've developed a series of content that underscores the brand's commitment to sustainability. A collection of portraits, photos, and videos that convey a deep connection with the elements of nature, interpreted as an ecosystem that embraces all living beings.

"From nature, for nature": this is the concept we have developed for the brand's communication.

Another crucial element in imNativ's communication strategy is the prefix "I'm": imNativ is a revolutionary and innovative brand that always speaks of itself in the first person.

Following this concept we've outlined the primary characteristics of the fabrics, allowing the brand to present these qualities in the first person. I'm power, I'm all the colors, I'm charisma, I'm delight, I'm contradiction, and so on.
Client: Aurim S.p.A.
Marketing Manager: Ersilia Auriemma
Art Direction: Andrea Castelletti Studio
Production Company: Ippocampostudio
Photographer & Director: Andrea Pugiotto
MUA: Eleonora Carraro

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