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Key2people is between the three best headhunting companies in Italy. Founded in 2001, it quickly became the first independent company of its type in the country. But with an impressive and quick growth the image fell behind its ongoing growth failing to successfully express the companies mission. That’s when they decided to call a team of designers with the task of improving the different aspects of their brand. Amongst them we were assigned the rebranding and corporate identity. As the new identity we decided to express as better as we could a distinctive tone of voice that better expressed how K2P was different from the other companies. The basic problem with their former image was that their butterfly icon although representative, had a lot of disadvantages: The logo was unbalanced and not versatile, the colors were dark and the graphic element was distinctive but absent of meaning, in general it felt old-looking and didn’t express well the mission of the company.

Trying to keep the essential part of the previous icon, we revisited the abstract butterfly and decided to give it a bit more depth by giving the new butterfly a key-like form based on the number 2 present in the name. 

The logo was redesigned in order to have a different approach which presented the icon first followed by the company's name in a much fresher font and changing the uppercase to lowercase to give it a professional, fresh and friendly look.

The payoff needed to follow the logo's tone-of-voice. Meanwhile their previous payoff "executive search" was over descriptive and pretty generic the new one "make an entrance" intended to express fully the company's mission.
Thinking about the potential digital future of the company we assigned a new typography to go with the icon giving them a refreshing new look that expressed more precisely the company’s dynamism and ready for the many years to come.

The strong colors were chosen both to represent the humanitarian part of the company with its new digital focus and presence. The purple can be interpreted as the evolution of the light blue color the company previously had.
The previous website was outdated and was crippling in many ways the Key2People's reach and engagement. The redesigned website (now responsive) had the objective to complete the company's fresh new look meanwhile having a professional tone projecting the image of a trustworthy and efficient company. 

Client: Key2People
Agencies: Andrea Castelletti Studio, Moze
Creative Directors: Andrea Castelletti, Alberto Baccari
Art Directors: Andrea Castelletti, Juan R. Hernàndez
Graphic Designer: Juan R. Hernàndez
Copywriter: Gabriele Moschin
Digital Strategist: Beatrice Pettinelli
Web Design & Development: Moze

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