La Raia  |  Passito

The Common Stonechat is a small bird that lives exclusively in uncontaminated environments, where it is considered a "sentinel" due to its habit of perching on the tallest blades of grass. This little bird is the protagonist of La Raia's logo and all its labels.​​​​​​​
While working on this project, we noticed a parallelism between the long and delicate process of producing passito wine and the work that the Common Stonechat carries out to build its nest and patiently wait for the eggs to hatch.

For the label of La Raia's first passito wine, we applied a subtraction: in this case, you don't see the Common Stonechat, but only its nest.
Client: La Raia, Tenimenti Rossi Cairo
Agency: Andrea Castelletti Studio
Concept & Design: Andrea Castelletti
Photo: Studio Tettamanzi

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