La Raia  |  Passito

The common stonechat is a small bird that lives only in uncontaminated environments, of which it is imagined as a "lookout" due to its habit of perching on the highest stems. This little bird is the protagonist of the logo and all the labels of La Raia.
The entire production process of the passito wine requires almost one year and includes: the green harvest in the vineyard, the manual harvest in small baskets, the drying on racks, the crushing of the whole bunches, the fermentation in stainless steel, the subsequent aging in French oak and finally the ageing in the bottle.

While working on this project we noticed a parallelism: the process to obtain a good passito wine is long and delicate, just as the work that the stonechat, the bird symbol of La Raia, puts in building its nest to then patiently wait for the hatch of the eggs

We designed the label of the first La Raia's passito wine applying a subtraction: we don't see the stonechat, but solely its nest.
Client: La Raia, Tenimenti Rossi Cairo
Agency: Andrea Castelletti Studio
Concept & Design: Andrea Castelletti
Photo: Studio Tettamanzi

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