La Raia  |  Passito

The Common Stonechat is a small bird that exclusively inhabits pristine environments, earning the title of "sentinel" for its preference for perching on the tallest blades of grass. This diminutive bird takes center stage in La Raia's logo and all its labels.
While working on the packaging of La Raia's first Passito wine, we noticed a parallel between the intricate and laborious process of crafting passito wine and the dedication demonstrated by the Common Stonechat as it meticulously constructs its nest and patiently awaits the hatching of its eggs.

For the label of La Raia's first Passito wine, we decided to break with the tradition of featuring the Common Stonechat, which is the protagonist of La Raia's other labels, opting instead to represent only the nest of this bird. This choice encapsulates the care and attention that characterize the production of this passito wine.
Client: La Raia, Tenimenti Rossi Cairo
Agency: Andrea Castelletti Studio
Concept & Design: Andrea Castelletti
Photo: Studio Tettamanzi

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