Simmenthal  |  Art project

Joie de vivre is an art project commissioned by Simmenthal, the iconic brand of canned meat.

With the aim to enhance the iconicity of the historic can, Simmenthal asked 5 designers and artists to interpret the brand values in original and modern forms.

Joie de vivre expresses all the brand values, such as harmony, serenity, radiance, familiarity, simplicity, love for life and joy of living and represent them in an explosion of colors and shapes that are easily adaptable to different media and materials, from packaging to ceramics, fabrics, and communication of the brand itself. 

The artwork has been part of an exhibition at La Triennale di Milano Design Museum, inside the Material Connexion space.​​​​​​​

Joie de Vivre #1 (red)
Joie de Vivre #2 (yellow)
Joie de Vivre #3 (blue)

Clients: IED Research Center; Kraft Foods
Concept & Design: Andrea Castelletti
Art Director: Andrea Castelletti

Photo: Matteo Engolli

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