When, almost 10 years ago, we defined a new communication strategy aimed at revitalizing Cantina dei Colli Ripani brand's image, one of the primary objectives we set was to strengthen the brand awareness by promoting values deeply connected to the territory. These values were intended to become the focal point around which to build a strong sense of belonging.

In 2020, this idea gave rise to a product collection that goes beyond mere merchandising: it represents the tangible expression of this vision, which, along with other actions, expanded the company's scope, transforming it from a cooperative winery into much more.

#DeiColliRipani merchandising is a project we developed to spread the cultural heritage of the Marche region at the dining table. Pairings of traditional cuisine and native wines are featured on t-shirts, sweatshirts, and beach towels.

Thanks to its location, Cantina dei Colli Ripani does not have to go far to fulfil its clear commitment: to fill your glass not just with wine, but with an unforgettable story.
Ciauscolo and Pecorino
The most classic Marche aperitivo: Ciauscolo, the typical fresh Piceno salami, and Pecorino, the traditional white wine of the region.
Passito and Pastarelle
In Marche region, every respectable meal concludes with Passito sweet wine and countless varieties of pastries.
Brodetto and Passerina
In Marche, there are numerous recipes for fish stew. Each city has its own and claims it to be the best one. The one thing they all agree on is that 'brodetto' is to be enjoyed with Passerina wine.
½ Gazzosa ½ Falerio
This T-shirt is the quintessence of summer. Inside it holds the entire tradition of simple drinking, of cool wine that quenches thirst, and chats among friends until the sun sets. It's 'paccatello': ½ lemon soda and ½ Falerio wine. Perhaps it's also the first cocktail that everyone in Marche region has seen being made and learned to make.
Bistecca Agricola and Sangiovese
Literally: farm-style steak and Sangiovese wine. But don't be fooled by the name. In popular Marche tradition, 'bistecca agricola' is a slice of tomato seasoned with extra virgin olive oil and salt, and it pairs excellently with a glass of Sangiovese wine.
Oliva, Crema, and Passerina Brut
The heart of every Marchigian gets excited when they see a plate of stuffed olives and fried cream from Ascoli Piceno, and a glass of Passerina Brut wine.
Bread + Olive Oil
Bread and olive oil, a manifesto of simplicity and hospitality. The welcome offered to the dearest friends.
Our tribute to the most characteristic sweet of the Christmas holidays in Marche Region: Frustingo, made with dried fruits, cocoa, and candied fruits. The way it's written on the sweatshirt is the pronunciation you can hear while walking through the streets of Ripatransone, the hometown of Cantina dei Colli Ripani.
Beach towels
There are five Colli Ripani beach towels, they’ll whet your appetite and be the envy of all.
Client: Cantina dei Colli Ripani Soc. Coop.
Concept & Design: Andrea Castelletti Studio
Art Direction: Andrea Castelletti
Photo: Marco Biancucci

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