Cantina dei Colli Ripani  |  Corporate Video

In Le Marche region, on the hills following the river valleys to the Adriatic, leaving the Apennines behind you, at an altitude of 494 metres, remarkably close to the coast, there is one of the best-known and most productive wineries of the region: Cantina dei Colli Ripani.

Colli Ripani is a wine cooperative bolstered by over 330 local producers, and was established thanks to their strong desire to protect and enhance their wine production while respecting the lands that give life to the native Sangiovese, Montepulciano, Pecorino and Passerina.

Land, passion and character.
These are just some of the words in the vocabulary of the Winery, along with commitment and respect. A cooperative that expresses the value of land through its vineyards and its people: a tight and meaningful bond, much like the landscape itself, which, every day, the people of the winery strive to make fresh and truly special.

Using just noises, shots of outstanding Marche's landscapes, and breathes, the aim of this video is to celebrate wine, the land that produces it and the depth of the feelings that bind the people to their winery.

Client: Cantina dei Colli Ripani Soc. Coop.
Agency: Andrea Castelletti
Creative Director and Concept Designer: Andrea Castelletti
Art Director: Andrea Castelletti
Copywriter: Camilla Boselli

Director and Cinematographer: Andrea Pugiotto
Production Company: Ippocampostudio

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